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EveryBODY can do yoga!

If you can breathe,
you can do yoga.

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Stop & Feel it: One Woman’s Extraordinary Path of Healing

A practical approach to living with a chronic or critical illness that includes a unique spiritual dimension. In this engaging and informative guide, Guruatma tells her story of dealing with a life-long autoimmune disorder and offers simple, down-to-earth advice based on what she learned along the way.

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Yogic Tools with Guruatma:
Six Stages of Healing

Each Stage embodies a guiding wisdom and positive affirmation to help face a particular aspect of the journey through chronic and critical illness. Not everyone will experience all of these Stages, nor walk them in a particular order, but each one offers hard-won pearls of wisdom from Guruatma’s own personal story.

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A few testimonials

I get tools to use right away…

“What I love about working with Guruatma is that she goes straight to the heart of the matter. I get tools to use right away and ideas to chew on for a while until I finally have that A-ha moment. Then I go back and learn some more. Guruatma’s sense of humor and honesty inspire me to keep up in my own life.”

Dorothy L/Jai Dev K
Georgetown, TX

What I learned in chair yoga was very helpful…

“I was in the hospital for ten days, and what I learned in chair yoga was very helpful to me. Thank you very much.”

Beatrice G.
Houston, TX

I have seen a huge improvement…

“Since my mother has been attending Guruatma’s classes, I have seen a huge improvement with her behavior and mobility. My mother has Multiple Sclerosis and the left side of her body has always caused her problems. By practicing Guruatma’s teachings, my mother has been able to calm her nerves and exercise her body in various new ways. I believe that her mobility has increased by at least 50% within the last year. We are truly blessed with all the changes that are occurring for my mother.”

Elah N
Houston, TX

Blessed to have crossed your path…

“Your work is so powerful and I am blessed to have crossed your path. I now have several healers from different walks working with me and you are my yogi!”

Janet M
Houston, TX

Thanks for all your help!!

“Recently, I had a CT scan, and while lying there I began to feel anxious. But, I could hear you saying ‘keep up, Beatrice’ and I was able to compose my self and finish the procedure. Thanks for all your help!! Sat Nam.”

Beatrice G.
Houston, TX

It’s like a shot in the arm; it really is!

“It’s like a shot in the arm; it really is! It’s like a dose of medicine.”

Desiree B.
Houston, TX

I appreciate Guruatma’s realistic approach…

“I appreciate Guruatma’s realistic approach and passion to teach the Science of this yoga. She provided me with a yogic framework of kriyas and meditations which addressed my personal goals and ambitions, so I could then implement into my own daily routine. She is a teacher who can teach her students that yoga can be a practical, scientific and an effective tool for every individual.”

Rachael E, Architect
New York, NY

I’m profoundly grateful…

“Thanks to your guidance and support, my mom is now pain free in her rib area for the first time in four years. I’m profoundly grateful.”

Carol D
Austin, TX

The breathing and the mantras are helping…

“The breathing and the mantras are helping; they absolutely help me in my daily life. They have been much more effective than just taking an ATIVAN (anti-anxiety/depression drug).”

Houston, TX

You are my inspiration…

“You are my inspiration. You have overcome many challenges and have paved the way for others. You could have become bitter, cynical, blamed others for your challenges, and so on. Instead, you faced your health issues with courage and determination.”

Rosalinda M
Houston, TX

She has a natural humbleness…

“I like the way Guruatma teaches. She has a natural humbleness. She shares what she has lived and learned in an easy, delighted manner. I highly recommend her as a teacher.”

S S Guru Karta Kaur Khalsa
Houston, TX

You are a jewel…

“People are looking to connect to their heart’s higher being and most of all to their divine truth. What better person to help people get there than your wonderful presence – you are a jewel.”

Birgitt H, Wellness Coach & Personal Trainer
Houston, TX

You totally turned my perspective around…

“I laughed out loud in relief and understanding with your message about blessing the pills. You totally turned my perspective around. You are amazing!”

Houston, TX

I learn so much from her…

“I really enjoy going to Guruatma’s class because every class is different and I learn so much from her and the group. I’m always curious about what might be next.”

Christopher O, Artist/Hairdresser
Houston, TX

You guided the session exactly where it needed to go…

“I walked in with no agenda and you were able to guide the session exactly where it needed to go, to bring in what I needed at that moment to make change happen. I don’t think that I would be acting with as much confidence in my life if it hadn’t been for you. Many thanks.”

Elaine L
Houston, TX

I feel lighter and clearer and empowered…

“Thank you so much for your wisdom, compassion, humor, and just being in the moment with and for me. I feel lighter and clearer and empowered to take hold of this tragic event which has shaken me to my core.”

Dorothy S
Houston, TX

I always take away something that never leaves me…

“Being in your presence is uplifting, inspiring and I always take away something that never leaves me.”

Elizabeth Whitley Flores, MA LP
Houston, TX

Perfect for my day…

“You always teach a yoga set that is perfect for my day.”

Hana B, Artist
Houston TX
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